Crowe Clark Whitehill

PWAN Solution

Understanding the challenges

Crowe Clark Whitehill is heavily reliant on network and Internet connectivity with up to 80% of client communication and services provided using at least one form of electronic connectivity. This includes general emails, tax returns, filing of accounts etc. In 2009 Crowe Clark Whitehill decided that the current supplier was not providing the level of service, comparative ‘up’ time or general market awareness of new products that was expected with expenditure at this level.

Crowe Clark Whitehill needed a supplier who would successfully meet the demands of its business and provide a working model that also included an automatic back-up solution. An added concern was the potential buy-out of their existing provider and the impact it might have on the service. Ian Norman, the firm’s National IT Director was also looking for a vendor that wouldn't lock Crowe Clark Whitehill into a long-term, highly restrictive contract.

Our Solution

Crowe Clark Whitehill contacted several suppliers and soon determined that FluidOne had the most appropriate combination of technical expertise and a clearly defined approach to customer services for the needs of the firm. In addition, FluidOne was able to demonstrate a flexible suite of products and services and wasn’t afraid to present new ideas. In a market awash with large players, many companies feel that working with smaller, flexible, profitable suppliers is a better value proposition and Crowe Clark Whitehill’s experience with FluidOne bears that out.

FluidOne Service

For each of Crowe Clark Whitehill’s two largest offices, in London and Reading, FluidOne installed a 100 Mb/s fibre line. FluidOne then deployed its PureFluid product (which bonds multiple ADSL2+ and SDSL lines from multiple networks) to all of Crowe Clark Whitehill’s remaining regional offices, thus enhancing the speed of data transfer between all offices.

The entire system was then connected to FluidOne’s Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) technology. This meant the network was centralised within FluidOne’s data centre which delivered a Layer 2 network including a fully customisable Internet pipe. This strategy eliminates the need for Crowe Clark Whitehill to maintain its own Internet firewall in favour of a single secure gateway managed by FluidOne.

With FluidOne now managing Crowe Clark Whitehill’s internet service via their data centre, and with higher bandwidth installed at all offices, access speeds have increased considerably.

Security, speed, system efficiency plus a high-quality approach to consultation have made Crowe Clark Whitehill’s move to FluidOne technology a highly successful one. “ FluidOne has a very modern and forward-thinking approach to customer service,” Ian Norman says. “Every individual we’ve met at every level has been trained to a high level. Other organisations offer a similar set of products as FluidOne, but no one I’ve come across has done it with such relaxed professionalism. For us it was a breath of fresh air.”

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